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st pelagius still

I made St Pelagius the Penitent in 1997 as my graduation film from LCP. It was shown at the Berlinale and won Best Documentary at the Tampere Short Film Festival.

It's a 12 minute documentary about five friends of mine who were all exploring their gender at the time. It was shot over a couple of years on Super8, which I then blew up to 16mm on the optical printer.

still form subterranean

The following year, I made Subterranean Homesick Blues. Being from a village myself, I was interested in other queer people's experiences of growing up in rural England. Again the film was selected for the Panorama section of the Berlinale and was then played at festivals around the world.

The animation was done by painting the figure onto a piece of glass which was above the rostrum camera. The film of the models and backgrounds was then projected from underneath.

mm still

In 2001, I finished Millennium Man, a film about my own transition from female to male which coincided with my godson's puberty. We filmed each other on dv over a couple of years. I had also been taking my Super8 camera with me on trips to film festivals, keeping a record of my first attempts at passing as male.

still from flower arranging

Flower Arranging for Beginners 2004 is a fiction film based on true experiences. We shot on Super16 over an intense couple of days.

The Producer was my long-time friend and fellow filmmaker Mike Wyeld and Art Direction was by my dear departed best pal Brixton Brady.